Gift Idea for Your Gamer Girl

Wings_of_Freedom_Pendant_with_Water_Light_500x500If you’re still struggling to find the most amazing Christmas gift for your sweet amazing talented gamer girlfriend / wife / significant other, we’ve got you covered!

Zsolt Zekely is an artist from Transylvania who moved to Canada and has been creating beautiful jewellery for a long time! We first learned about Zsolt from a fellow nerd posting his work wishing that one day she would find an amazing companion that would gift her with some of Zsolts amazing work!

Prices range from a couple hundred dollars to thousands depending on materials (Gold, Diamonds, Silver, etc).

Take a look at the gallery below of what Zsolt has for sale on his newly launched online store, however if you are looking for something very specific or custom get a hold of him via his web site or his various social networking profiles to talk details.

Zsolt is an amazing communicator and will be in touch rather quickly to discuss your piece(s).

Click here to Email Zsolt

Zsolt on Social Media


Belkin Grip Case Review (iPhone 6)

Belkin Grip Case iPhone 6Last night we received a couple of Grip Cases from our friends at Belkin for review, and I decided that I needed to post about this case because it is EXACTLY what I was looking for in a case for my new expensive, shiny toy!

The Belkin Grip case is made from a flexible easy to grip material which feels great in the hand, protects your device, and doesn’t add a crazy amount of bulk to your iPhone.

Having tried both an Otterbox Commuter as well as a Spigen Tough Armor case, I found they both added far more bulk to my sexy slim iPhone and decided to go nude for a while.

The Belkin Grip case is also half the price of both the Tough Armor and Commuter cases and offers very similar protection to the Tough Armor case.

This case features a small lip that sits a big higher than the screen to protect the iPhone’s screen from smashing against whatever surface it is you drop your iPhone on (Admit it, it’s already happened once).

Coming in at $19.99 this case offers great protection and would make a fantastic stocking stuffer for anyone who has an iPhone 6 and wants to keep their device as slim as possible.

We at NerdyBlog know that $19.99 is a great price to protect your device, however FREE is always better right? Our great friends at Belkin have supplied us with one of these cases to give away to you lovely nerds!

Tell us your worst phone destruction story in the comments and the best story will take one of these bad boys home just in time for Christmas!

One Plus One Invite Giveaway!

OnePlusOneWe’ve managed to get our hands on a few invites to order a 64GB Sandstone Black One Plus One!

Here’s our quick review

If you’d like to win an invite and be able to purchase your device ahead of Mondays pre-orders, just leave a comment letting us know! We will select 3 people at random to receive an invite by 1PM EST today (Saturday, November 15th).

Good Luck and May the Odds Be Forever In Your Favour!



Winners have been selected! The lucky commenters are:

Congratulations everyone!

Blizzard Announces TF2 Clone: Overwatch

People have already been making fun of this game and it hasn’t even come out yet. It definitely has a lot of characteristics similar to TF2, but I’d love to try it first before I make fun of it.

The Cinematic Trailer

The Gameplay Trailer

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

You can learn more about Overwatch here.

Majora’s Mask gets a facelift for the Nintendo 3DS – According to fans: “It’s about time!”


The Nintendo 64 instant classic The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is getting a facelift and being ported over to the 3DS.

I personally always saw Majora’s Mask as somewhat of a “black-sheep” that didn’t fit well with its kin. The music was eerie and the graphical styling was ineffably different than past Zelda games. Something about this game felt off. But I played it anyway.

If I could take a moment to say something about the merits of the Zelda franchise, it’s that even its “black-sheep” are worth playing. So much so, that once you’ve played them, you realize they are still some of the best games that gaming (as a whole) has to offer.

One of my favourite games in the series is, in fact, known to be the least liked Zelda title in history. *Difficulty, graphical styling, and a musical departure from the norm are all traits that lend themselves to Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. This out-there adventure involving a more RPG feel really through fans for a curve; they wanted the jump-in, easy learning curve, hack-and-slash style game play they were accustomed to. Nevertheless, I love Zelda II. It deviated from the norm and proved that it could do that, and still become a classic.

For that reason, I have never been able to look down on Majora’s Mask for being different than the rest. A change of pace is good in a series as old as the Zelda franchise, I’m happy it’s coming to the 3DS. If I’m honest, I feel a little guilty not having a pre-order in already.

*I don’t actually find Zelda II difficult. The problem with this myth is that it is perpetuated through those who never really gave the game a chance. Sure it’s a bit tougher than some modern games, but that’s mostly form factor. The controls were a bit poor and it made for really tedious boss battles. The rest is just grinding and finding the upgrades needed to succeed!

Holy Threequel, Batman!

I just watched the new making of developer diaries for the upcoming LEGO® Batman™ 3: Beyond Gotham. Needless to say, I’m very impressed.


I think TT Games really has their studs in a row on this one; 150 DC Comics characters coming together in one epic interstellar adventure to stop Brainiac? Sold! The premise is that Brainiac has lost it again and is off to use the power of the Lantern Rings to shrink worlds throughout the universe to add to a personal collection of shrunken cities. We all know that’s not possible though. The measurements wouldn’t line up! Speaking of measurements, this one is going to be huge – a really nice sized baseplate if you know what I mean. The linear feel to some of their older titles will most likely be put aside, based on promises made on screen, and I’m all for it.


Each diary focuses on a different aspect of development. The first is a character video focusing on how they managed to bring all 150 minifigures to life. The next is an in-depth behind-the-scenes look at the game play mechanics. This is the kind of stuff I can really sink my teeth into. Game promotions that actually show the game, imagine that – I love me some abstract videogame ads but every once in a while a sneak peek needs to show me what I’m looking forward to. These two videos do just that, but enough talk, you can download them here:


How will Batman survive Brainiac’s tyranny? Find out November 11th, when LEGO® Batman™ 3: Beyond Gotham launches on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PS Vita, Wii U, 3DS and PC!